Ralph Krueger

Profile Updated: July 17, 2012
Residing In: west bend . Big Cedar Lake, WI USA
Spouse/Partner (Besides name, anniversary date, his/her home town, etc. encouraged): sue May 4 68
Children: dan born 1969 dave born 1972 dan and dave now run and own falls rec falls lanes kruegers falls lanes More…and now kruegers entertainment center tom born 1976 is an asst coach for whitefish bays boys basketball team. he also started to caddie at erin hills golf club for another source of income. jim born 1980 started his own concrete and remodeling company granchildren myles hailey kayla dawson and i think more to come?
Occupation: semi retired real estate ventures
In which military department/component/branch did you serve? army reserve 1966 to 1972  
In what city and state were you born?

milwaukee wisconsin

School Story (Reflections such as highlights, lowlights, successes, regrets):

after the senior prom my buddies threw all the trimmings from the prom in my car. igot pissed off and drove around the schoo; parking lot throwing them out. guess who showed up and made me clean the mess up.there were a lot more but not enough characters to hi light them at the 50th well talk about them over a beer

What class/classes at MFHS best served you in your career?

miss kemiter never give up no matter what

What class/classes at MFHS best served you outside of your career?

all classes

Who was your favorite / most influential teacher at MFHS?

don pierce meat ball bill young

What was the first car you ever owned (model and year)?

56 pontiac

What was the first computer you ever owned (brand and year)?

ask my wife

What was the last music purchase you made (song/album/artist)?

greatest hits of the 60,s

What are your favorite book(s)?

probably a sports book

What is/are your favorite movie(s) of all time?

its got to be hoosiers and green mile

What television programs do you like to watch?

sporting events , game shows espn news

What sport(s) do you engage in now?

golf bowling fishing really any sport my body allows me to do

What hobbies do you engage in now?

buying old houses and fixing them up and helping my sons run the bowling alley.

How many tattoos do you have?


How many body piercings do you have?


To what professional / fraternal / other organizations do you currently belong?

from 1970 to current i have belonged to many many organizations from president of the bowling centers assc. to local politics in meno falls currently devoting a lot of time to the milwaukee mens bowling hall of fame of which i was inducted in 99

Which states have you visited?

probably at least 45 the bowling industry had me traveling all over promoting the sport

In which states have you lived and when?

only wisconsin

Besides the US, what countries have you visited and when?

when on cruises a lot of them

Have you ever been told that you (or someone in your family) resemble a famous celebrity? If so, who and when?

Bobby Knight, it must be the gray hair.

Do you have a personalized license plate? If so, what does it say?

used to r n k 300

How old do you feel?

some days 66 on good days 39

What animal would you be if you could choose one?

a dog or a bird

What would your classmates find surprising about you?

i am still with the woman i married 40 years ago she must be an angel

What items are left on your "bucket list?"

not many fly an airplane and just watch my children and grand children grow up

How many total years of military service did you have?

i think total time was a little more than 1 year

Who told you about this web site?

mike lehmkuhl

In what year did you go on active duty?

bascic training in 66

In what year were you discharged?

was done with 6yrs. in 72

What was your career field/job title/duties?

i started out as a cripto operator. after that they like me so i became the commanding officers driver. i washed his jeep or car every day.

Please list the bases/locations/dates where you were assigned.

basic was at lenerwood missouri. than went to fort gordon in augusta georgia for 6 months. after that it was a week-end meeting once amonth for 6 years and 2 weeks of summer camp in wisc. illinois indiana and michigan. i remember when the u.s. landed on the moon for the first time i was in indiana and it was my wifes birthday. other than that it was just doing my job waiting for my 6 years to be up.

Do you have any children/grandchildren that served/are serving?


Do you have a photo of yourself in uniform you can share?

if i can find it i will put it in.

What is your favorite home cooked meal?

just a nice steak and 7 layer salad

What is your favorite dessert (in home or out)?

cherry pie and ice cream

What is your favorite place to eat away from home?

just a nice clean restaurant noted for good food

#50. This is a special one-time reconciliation inquiry beginning January of 2011. As of today, is all your contact information up-to-date?


Are you listed in the Guinness Book of World Records?


Have you ever participated in the Senior Olympics?


Other than Senior Olympics, have you ever received a sports-related award since leaving MFHS?


If so, please describe event/award (and year).

I was inducted in the Milwaukee Mens Bowling Hall of Fame in 1999. In 2011 I was the 133rd person to bowl in the National Mens Championships for 50 years. The 3rd youngest in the 105 year history of this event.

Have you ever received a non-sports award since leaving MFHS, e.g., art, music, drama, cooking, hobby related, etc.?


If so, please describe event/award (and year).

In 1992 I received the Presidents award for the State of Wisconsin in the bowling industry. In 1995 I received the Outstanding Service award for the state of Wisconsin in the bowling industry. In 2009 I was voted the Bowling Proprietor of the year for the Midwest Region.

Other than to fulfill an educational requirement, have you ever had a creative work of yours published?


How many family pets have you cared for in your lifetime?

i have had a dog my entire life.

MFHS DIRECTORY. (Entry 1 of 2). Describe one (or more) of your favorite memories from high school?

winning the basketball championship our sr. year

MFHS DIRECTORY. (Entry 2 of 2). Summarize what you have been doing since high school graduation?

scoring the winning bucket againgst Oak Creek.

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Nikki was one of my favorite classmates.  Always fun to be around with. RIP

Ralph Krueger

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Happy B Day Bob. Only 23 from 100. Stay Heathly

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Have a nice b-day

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Hope you have a Happy B-Day. Just think,your only 24 from 100. Be safe

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Hi Bob, Hope you have a great day

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Ken, hope you have a good recovery

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