Missing Classmates

Missing (Deep Cover) Classmates


The following list depicts all missing Class of 1962 classmates as of 6/22/10--both those for whom we have no contact information (Deep Cover) and those we have attempted to contact, but have yet to hear back that they received our information (Twilight Zone). We invite you to consult the Bulletin Board for additional details and to send any new contact information or leads to Bob Dahms (missing men) or Kathy (Ennis) Mooney (missing women).

Larry Abfalder
Carolyn Allen
Bonnie Becker (Hassler)
Kathy Caruso
Doug Cyler
Bill Grimm
Jayne Gutmann (Armstrong)
William Haag
Dave Jones
Sharon Kofler (Guimbarda)
Penny Krahn
Thor Larsen
Joyce Lauterbach (Gimmel)
Nancy Lewis
Carol Linden (Marquardt)
Keith Luedtke
Bruce Makela
Lyle Oldenberg
John Rein
Richard Santarelli
Christine Thiel
Janet Trent
Virginia Wilson
Jerry Witz
Ron Zorko

Guest Members

Kim (Martin)
Michael Adameak (Physical Education)
Herman Allmaras (Science Teacher)
Mary Bettinger (English Teacher)
Judith Brink (Physical Education)
John Buck (Science Teacher)
Mike Butler
Alvo Cherne (Physical Education)
Barry Dempsey (Physical Education)
Lucile Dueck (Geometry Teacher)
Helen Froling (Secretry)
Lorna Garvens (Journalism Teacher)
Kay Gay (Dahms)
Lois Greely (Secretary)
Hilmar Groth (Algebra Teacher)
Kay Harvey (Bookkeeping)
Robert Hessler (History Teacher)
Robert Hicks (History Teacher)
Doris Jones (English Teacher)
Roger Koenke (Science Teacher)
Arline Mayer (Math Teacher)
Mary Lou McNamara (History Teacher)
Barbara Neidlinger (Physical Educat…
Mildred Seeger (French Teacher)
Magdeline Sipos (Spanish Teacher)
Joyce Wedeman (Receptionist)
Margaret Wiest (Bookkeeper)
Marian Wright (Physical Education)