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Welcome!   Please read this page as it will answer all of your questions on how to get a password, make a profile and how to use the website.   These instructions apply primarily to those who were graduates of Menomonee Falls High School Class of 1962.  Special rules will apply for Guest Profiles at the end of this page.

This website was created at www.classcreator.com website and is maintained by your classmate administrator Bob Dahms. It is completely free to our classmates.  You will never be asked to pay to make a profile or to be able to access other alumni profiles.


All contact information that you enter into this website will be kept confidential by the site administrator and/or will only used for reunion planning information.  The site will never share or sell your personal contact information.   The site administrator will not be held responsible for any damages caused by public access to your personal information.  Due to increased occurrences of identity theft, in creating your Classmate Profile it is very important that you determine how your personal information is shared and with whom.  You have the ability to limit exactly what is shared with the public and with your fellow classmates. READ ON. 

You have the option of password protecting your personal profile which blocks the general public and search engines from accessing your profile details.  It is STRONGLY recommended that classmates use the Password Protection feature, however, it is not required for you to use or join the site.    Please note that if you do not password protect your profile, your personal information may be viewable to any site visitors and can be assessed by search engines or the general public.   Once you create a profile, you will also be able to see the profiles of your fellow classmates and interact with them. 

Your contact information is private unless you grant permission on your profile. When a registered user clicks on your name, he or she will be able to view your web profile and any personal information/photos posted.  This information is not visible to unregistered users if Password Protection is on.   Your email address is not viewable, though an email can be sent to you using the contact box at the bottom of your web page. However, if you send a message to someone through their profile, they will see your email address so that they can respond. 

Email notifications from this web site:  For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add noreply@classcreator.net to your email account as a safe sender in order to receive email communication from this web site. We do not want to receive "bounce back" emails and don't want you to miss receiving emails from other classmates!


Only registered users and/or site administrators may post photos on www.mfhsclassof62.com.   Classmates who add photos to their profile certify that the photos they are posting are their own property, they own the copyrights, and/or have permission to post such photos.  Again, it is highly encouraged that Classmates Password Protect profile information.  Profiles not password protected are viewable to any site visitor, may be accessed by search engines and the general public.   This site will not be held responsible for any damages that may result from photos being posted. 

You will need to register and create your individual profile in order to access any password protected pages on the site.  Start by clicking on the "Roll Call" link. This will take you to a page with all your classmate names, including yours. Find your name and click on it.  Follow the prompts to create your profile. The password that you enter during this process will be used as your login password. You can personalize your page with information such as what have you been up to since graduation in '62, school memories, your family, and photos, etc.  If you are a visual person, like me, and find it beneficial to see a completed example, consider clicking on "Sample Profile" under the Guest category and follow "Sam's" example.

If you click "Remember Me" when you log in, you will not need to log in next time you go to the site. Note there is a password retrieval feature to click on: "Forgot Password?" in case you need to log in sometime and can't remember your password; the password will be sent to your email inbox. You can login from computers other than your home computer but you will need to enter your password.

If you cannot find your name on the Classmate Profiles page, please contact us to have your name added. We welcome classmates who went to school with us but did not graduate with us. If you feel more associated with this class than your own, we can provide you with a guest account. Use the Contact Us link for this purpose.

If you change your email address, postal mail address, or phone number, please update those in your profile so when we download a hard copy we will have your correct information.

Always check back with the Home page, where main information and announcements are made.  The site will only be as good as we make it.  Please feel free to contribute information and ideas.


A guest profile may be added at the sole discretion of the site administrator.  In order to obtain a Guest Profile, please submit your request throught the Contact Us link located on the Home Page.  Please identify your full name and with whom you or how you are affliated with the Class of 1962.  For the protection of our Classmates all inquiries will be verified.

For more information, please contact me at bdahms@mac.com.

Warm (Arizona) regards,

Bob Dahms