Interest Survey 2021

Please answer the following questions pertaining to having a 60th Reunion Gathering in 2022. All Classmates, Faculty, and Guests are welcome to complete the form as well as to attend.

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1)   Do you think we should have a 60th reunion gathering in 2022?

Yes No
2)   What time of year most appeals to you?

  a. Late Spring (Apr - May)?
  b. Mid-Summer Summer (Jun - Jul)?
  c. Early Autumn (Aug - Sep)?
  d. Anytime?
3)   Which of the following activities most appeals to you?

  a. Evening Dinner
  b. Mid-day Luncheon
4)   Which best describes your likelihood of attending a 60th reunion gathering?

  a. Yes, definitely would like to attend).
  b. Undecided, but open to the idea.
  c. No thanks.
5)   Comment Box (Please use this to area to elaborate on any of the above questions/answers).