Reunion Donors

In Grateful Appreciation

A heartfelt thanks to the following who generously donated to the MFHS Class of 1962 reunion celebration held on July 28, 2012.  Cash donations were used for teacher guest admission tickets and to help keep the overall classmate per person cost to a minimum.  The original list (sans asterisks) indicates participation as of 12/31/12.

Any entry followed by an asterisk(*2012) and (*2017) indicates one or more contributions made after 50-year reunion for web site renewal and/or remembrance of deceased teachers.)  Please advise webmaster where additions/corrections may be warranted.

Gordie Ahlf (Classmate)
Midge (Bauer) Anton (Classmate)*
Raymond Behl (Classmate)*
Cookie Bellman (Classmate)*
John Benson (Classmate)
Phil Blackwell (Guest)
Bob Bruss (Classmate)
Pete Budde (Classmate)*
Eileen (Burkwald) Strauss
Bob Burton (Classmate)**
Roy Bussewitz (Classmate)
Gordon Caesar (Classmate)
Grant Casper (Classmate)*
Bob Dahms ( Classmate)**
Russ Fons (In Memory)
Chuck Foshey (Classmate)
Terry Goode (Classmate)**
Sibyl (Graese) Tietyen (Classmate)
Mark Grams (Classmate)
Susan (Hemschmeyer) Lachner (Classmate)
Dennis Hill (Classmate)*
Bill Hobson (Classmate)
Doug Huenerbein (Classmate)
Mary (Janzer) Egan (Classmate)*
Mike Johnson (Classmate)*
Margaret (Kocher) Rothlisberger (Classmate)
Randy Kons (Classmate)
Tom Krainer (Classmate)
Ralph Krueger (Classmate)*
Kathy (Krueger) Schlatter (Classmate)*
Judi (Lange) Messner (Classmate)
Wendy (Loveless) Garfein (Classmate)
Carol (Lucas) Storck (Classmate)*
Midge (Merriam) Sauer (Classmate)
Barbara (Meyer) Heffron (Classmate)
Joe Niebler (Classmate)*
Cheryl (Opsahl) Maas (Classmate)
Nikki (Parker) Fogel (Classmate)
Bill Pionke (Classmate)
Nancy (Schmidt) Nason (Classmate)**
Marilyn (Smith) Zielke (Classmate)
Jim Schneider (Classmate)
Ken Stanke (Classmate)
Leonard Ullsperger (Classmate)*
Ray Umhoefer (Classmate)
Van Uttech (Classmate)*
Dave VanAlstyne (Classmate)*
Tom VanEimeren (Classmate)*
Terry VanTassel (Classmate)
Bob Viola (Classmate)
Darlene (Volesky) Neumann (Classmate)*
Jean Waldo (Classmate)
Bob Walther (Classmate)
Gerry Walther (Classmate)*
Sandra (West) Krueger (Classmate)*
Carol (Zech) Winget (Classmate)
Jeff Zielke (Classmate)


In-Kind Donations

June (Lang) Buchmeier
Brother Pete Budde (Classmate)
Bob Dahms (Classmate)
Kathy (Ennis) Mooney (Classmate)
Fran (Kaiser) Becker (Classmate)
Ralph Krueger (Classmate)
Mike Lehmkuhl (Classmate)
Roger Muencheberg (Classmate)
Susan (Smith) Westfahl (Classmate)
Dave (Jake) VanAlstyne (Classmate)
Mary (Vitrano) Krull (Classmate)
Lois Weber (Classmate)