Milestone Reunions

     Information for this section is reserved for past reunions.  If you have any reunion-related photographs, memorabilia, or evidentiary material please send it to the site administrator along with any supporting captions/comments.

50-Year REUNION (2012)

1.  Reunion attendees received a welcome letter from Menomonee Falls Village Board president, Randall Newman.  Click here to view.

2.  To view a copy of the Reunion evening program held on Saturday, 7/28/12, click here. Besides a list of classmate and guest attendees, it contains information on how to participate in future reunions.

3.  To see one of the reunion music videos, click the title/links below.  In Memory was shown before dinner.  Military Tribute and Reflections were presented after dinner in that order. Celebration is a compilation of photos taken during the reunion weekend and made available on DVD about 8 weeks later.
a.  IN MEMORY (7:48)
c.  REFLECTIONS: Uploaded final version in 3 parts to stay within YouTube size limitations.  For optimum effect, suggest viewing in order).
Part 1.  Village, School, & Yearbook Memories (10:20)
Part 2.  Senior Year, Commencement, and Graduating Class of 62 (11:22)
Part 3.  Service, Careers, Gatherings, & Credits (7:45)

d.  CELEBRATION: Uploaded final version in 4 parts to stay within YouTube size limitations.  For optimum effect, suggest viewing in order.
Part 1.  Reunion Overview (3:15)
Part 2.  Classmate Attendees & Their Guests (7:34)
Part 3.  Highlights, Teachers, & Guests (5:17)
Part 4.  Reunion Acknowledgements (1:30)

4. To see a copy of our commemorative 50-Year Reunion Cookbook click here.

5. To view a sample of some photos taken, click on Looking Back>Photo Gallery in the left hand navigation bar and then click on "50-Year Reunion Sampler" and "Spouses and Guests of Classmates." (Additions/corrections to the captions are welcome).


35-Year REUNION (1997)

Row 1 (left to right):  Barbara Jean (Loether) Bock, June (Lang) Buchmeier, Fran (Kaiser) Becker, Janet Grube, Judy (Casper) Burden, Randy Kons, Russell Gerds, Dan Pagel, John Miller.  Row 2:   Grant Casper, Dave VanAlstyne, Gerry Walther, Kathleen (Gross) Pape, Joe Niebler, Cookie Bellmann, Ken Storck, Jim Beringer, Bob Viola.  Row 3: Ralph Krueger, Mike Lehmkuhl, Judy (Lex) Kautza, Kathy Leisner, Eileen (Burkwald) Strauss, Mary (Janzer) Engan, Bonnie (Herb) Ullsperger, Nikki (Parker) Fogel, Bonnie (Kuhl) Woehlkel, Cheryl (Opsahl) Maas.  Row 4:  Bob Walther, Van Uttech, Ray Behl, Bob Umhoefer, Connie Campbell, Ray Umhoefer, Louise (Landry) Urmanski, Janice (Weber) Perri, Ralph Fogel, Ed Adams, and Ken Stanke.


25-Year REUNION (1987)




10-Year REUNION (1972)



Click here to view booklet highlights.