Golden Anniversary Milestones

The following MFHS CLASS OF 62 web site members have celebrated (or are scheduled to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary or higher milestone this calendar year) and qualify for the Golden Anniversary Club.  Congratulations to all!


56 years (1963):  Eileen (Burkwald) & Dick Strauss (Aug), Kathy (Krueger) & Skip Schlatter (d) (May), Carol (Lake) & Kent Siefker (Dec), and Cheryl (Opsahl) & Jerry Maas (Jul).

55 years (1964):  Midge (Merriam) & Alan Sauer (May) and Kathie (Scott) & Richard Novy.

54 years (1965):  Midge (Bauer) & Jim Anton (Jul), Jeanne (Kuenzi) & Jack Kelling (d) (Jun), Judi (Lange) & Al Messner, Bill & Colleen Pionke (Apr), Judy (Fisher) & Ron Nevala (Jun), and Bob & Rita Bruss.

53 years (1966):  Terry & Pamela Goode, Sibyl (Graese) & Wayne Tietyen, Lenny & Bonnie (Herb) Ullsperger, Sue (Smith) & Howard Westfahl (Jul), Sandra (West) & Roy Krueger, and Joe and Mary Ellen Niebler.

52 years (1967):  Mike & Jeneva Lehmkuhl (Jul), David & Mary (Janzer) Engan, Bob & Sue Walther (Aug), Randy & Mary Kons (Jun), Al & Judi Gosenheimer (Mar), and Ray & Judith Behl (Jan).

51 years (1968):  Ralph & Sue Krueger (May), Bob & Kay Dahms (Aug), Dennis & Barbara Luke (Nov). (If you know of anyone celebrating during 2018, please notify the web site administrator).

50 years (1969):  Dave & Deb VanAlstyne (Jul) and Mike & Pamela Grbich (Nov). (If you know of anyone else celebrating during 2019, please notify the web site administrator).


65 years (1954): Jack & Mary Butler (Dec).

55 years (1963): Marilyn (Fons) & David Walters (May).

51 years (1968): Phil & Sally Blackwell (Jun).

Note:  REFLECTS AVAILABLE INFORMATION AS OF JANUARY 1, 2019Underline depicts changes since last update.

Registered web site members are urged to send additions/corrections to the web administrator and consider updating personal Profile Page(s) to include marriage month and year. The letter (d) indicates an individual passed away after reaching the Golden Anniversary Milestone.